The NF2 Crew

If you or a loved one is afflicted with NF2, you may come across NF support groups which lack members with NF2 since NF2 is much less common than NF1. In turn, the NF2 information you receive may not be up to date.

The NF2 Crew – an online support group

There are many online groups which you can join to talk with others who share the same disease. The most noteworthy group is The NF2 Crew. Unlike most NF groups, the Crew is dedicated to only those affected with NF2. Although founded within the US, the Crew is very diverse with many of its members living across the globe. Most of the communication is made via email by joining its Mailing List on Yahoo or at their Facebook Group page.

The NF2 Crew also sets yearly social events, such as the Ohio Gathering (pictured above) where members get together and participate in many activites. For more information and ways to join, please visit:

Other Support Groups of Interest: