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NF2 Research News, 2007

Announcement from The NF Preclinical Consortium (NFPC) is a multi-site collaboration of six research Centers for Phase 1 (2007-2011). Each is focused on different tumor manifestations of NF1 and NF2. The two NF2 centers are: Harvard Med School/Mass General Hospital, Director: Andrea McClatchey, Ph.D. House Ear Institute, Director: Marco Giovannini, MD, Ph.D. Tumor Focus… Continue Reading →

Advocure attends NF2 Clinical Trials Workshop

On 5-7 October 2007 in Manhattan, Advocure NF2 Inc attended and participated in the Strategic Planning for NF2 Clinical Trials workshop, hosted by Children’s Tumor Foundation.  This meeting was a strategic planning workshop to discuss and resolve the barriers that have to date limited progress in NF2 clinical trials. These issues include recruitment, protocols, endpoints,… Continue Reading →

Optimizing Communication During a Doctor Appointment: A Solution for Deaf Patients

Appointments with our doctors, especially to learn about or discuss any serious medical condition, are one of the most frightening challenges for late-deafened adults. Will the doctor (or other medical professional, now often a physician’s assistant) take the time and exhibit the patience we require to understand what he or she is telling us? And… Continue Reading →

Treatment of schwannomas with an oncolytic recombinant herpes simplex virus in murine models of neurofibromatosis type 2

New in NF2 Research: Gene therapy for schwannomas was evaluated in two mouse models of neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2): a transgenic model in which mice express a dominant mutant form of merlin and spontaneously develop schwannomas a xenograft model in which human schwannoma tissue is implanted subcutaneously into immune- compromised mice. In both models, schwannoma… Continue Reading →