How To Help

Please consider donating to a NF2 charity within your region or directly to a NF2 Research Lab or NF2 Clinic. Make sure to note NF2 specifically when donating. It is only through research that we can find a cure or better treatment for NF2.

As of July 31 2016, AdvocureNF2 is no longer an active charity, therefore, will not accept donations.

AdvocureNF2 would like to thank everyone who was involved and participated to ensure and support the mission of Advocure. This includes the many people who donated over the years. We take pride in the fact we were able to bring NF2 as a recognized disease and support NF2 research initiatives for 10+ years through the works of volunteers and donors alone. We are truly and greatly thankful for those who dedicated their time and effort to support our mission towards NF2 research.

NF Charities

United States

  • Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF)

    95 Pine Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10005-1703, USA
    Phone: 212-344-6633
    Toll Free: 1-800-323-7938
    Fax: 212-747-0004

  • Neurofibromatosis Network

    213 S. Wheaton Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187
    Phone: 630.510.1115
    Fax: 630.510.8508
    Toll Free: 1 800 942 6825

  • Help Stop NF2

    8309 165th Ave NE Suite 205
    Redmond, WA 98052
    Office: 888-687-5640
    FAX: 800-741-8752


    Address: NF2 Information and Services, PO Box 714, Upton, NY 11973


United Kingdom

  • The Neuro Foundation

    Quayside House
    38 High Street, Kingston on Thames, Surrey KT1 1HL, UK
    Tel: 020 8439 1234
    Fax: 020 8439 1200


  • Bundesweite Selbsthilfegruppe für NF2-Betroffene

    Bundesverband Neurofibromatose Von Recklinghausen Gesellschaft e.V.
    Martinistr. 52 / Haus 0 54 20246 Hamburg, Germany
    Telefon: 040 / 46 09 24 14
    Telefax: 040 / 5277 – 462



  • NF2 Neurinoma

    Centro Nacional de Neurofibromatose (CNNF)
    Enfermaria 29, Sala 2, 2a Andar, Santa Casa da Misercordia, Cento – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
    Telefone: (21) 2210-1807
    Fax: (21) 8712-8311


  • NF Australia

    Suite 2, 84 Victoria Road, Drummoyne NSW 2147, Australia
    Phone: 02 9719 3356
    Fax: 02 9719 3575

To view a list of Neurofibromatosis (NF) charities outside North America visit: