Advocure Awards $3000 for NF2 Research

Advocure awards $3000 to Prof Hanemann and his research team at Plymouth University, UK

Professor Oliver Hanemann and his research team at Plymouth University, UK were awarded $3000 for their research efforts in NF2. They had recently discovered how the loss of SOX10 function contributes to the phenotype of human merlin-null schwannoma cells.

Oliver’s team has been trying to identify drug targets for Neurofibromatosis 2 for many years using mostly human and vitro models and recently phase 0 clinical trials. The first example of this approach were PDGF receptor inhibitors. His work also includes identification of a small-molecule inhibitor known as MLN4924 in collaboration with Dr. F Giancotti’s group at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Inst.

In recognition of these achievements and as part of our ongoing mission to strengthen and support NF2 research, Advocure has awarded Professor Hanemann and his team with $3,000.

We would like to thank Hanemann and his team for their hard work and commitment in NF2, and to those who donate to help us support NF2 research that show promise for a cure in NF2!