2011 Halloween Bash Raises 100K for NF2 Research

The 2011 Halloween Bash has come and gone and it was a huge success. On Saturday, October 22nd, 2011, 300+ people packed the Redux Lounge in downtown Walnut Creek to attend the 7th annual Bash, a benefit through Advocure NF2 to fund children’s tumor research. Over $40,000 was raised that night and with contributions from Varsity Painting and the Thoms family, the total amount raised for research is $100,000.

Many thanks go out to the corporate sponsors and the attendees and many non-attendees who continue to support this event and cause year after year.

The evening started out on the sidewalk as those entering the venue were entertained by the unusual musical stylings of “Dirty Cello” (www.dirtycello.com). Think classical cello meets Guns ‘N’ Roses.

A walk past the silent auction featuring $15,000 worth of items that people typically picked up for half their value. Entering the club, everyone had their photo taken by our favorite photographer, Kevin Walters of Blue Iris Arts (www.blueirisarts.com). Photos will be posted online soon.

The intimate club soon hosted “Haberdasher” as its first musical act. With Brian Teal of Varsity Painting on the keyboard, they set the tone that this was going to be a pretty cool party.

Soon afterwards, and for the 4th consecutive year, STUNG (www.stunglive.com) came out and ran through a 1 hour set of Police covers that had everybody in the club dancing.

Roland Thoms of AdvocureNF2 and Varsity Painting, got up on stage and spoke briefly about why we were there. After a description of Neurofibromatosis 2 , the condition his daughter has, Roland asked people to help him reach his fundraising goal. Many people opened their hearts and wallets to support the cause. 2 vacation rentals in Costa Rica were auctioned off for over $10,000.

Finally, Lovefool (www.lovefoollive.com) brought people back to the 80’s and 90’s with an energizing 2 hour set of dance tracks that kept the party going until 12:30 before a DJ rounded it out into the wee hours.

“The outpouring of generosity was the hallmark of this years event. Random checks kept showing up in our mailbox and in our paypal account. I got teary-eyed on more than one occasion”, remarked Roland.

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